What is ‘Above The Fold’?

After over 20 years in the business, working my way up from an apprentice to running my own successful company for over ten years, I decided to take a step back to concentrate on family life. Whilst I love design, I love my family more and recognised that I was needed to help raise my two beautiful daughters. My husband’s job was increasingly demanding and I found myself in a constant battle of guilt between being 100% committed to work or being a good wife/parent. So I made the choice and have not regretted it since. 

Since leaving full-time work I have had some time to rest and recoup, I have a better relationship with my daughters and my husbands job has transported us all to the idyllic island of Bermuda. BERMUDA…. I hear you say?! Yes, Bermuda! The island of sun, sea and rum swizzles. So life is good but I have missed design. 
What is ‘Above The Fold?’
My decision to start freelancing is a way of regaining some work/life balance. 
“Above the fold” is a concept that dates back to the early days of publishing. Publishers quickly realized that if they wanted to sell papers, they would need to put all of their most important headlines and vivid imagery in the area above the fold to attract customers.
Most recently the phrase now refers to website design. When it comes to the design of your website, you do need to place extra attention above the fold, but only in the sense that the top of your page should clearly explain your value proposition and also entice users to continue scrolling.
A phrase that has clearly evolved and moved with the times yet still retains relevance – I like to think that I have too. 

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