My First Long Distance Relationship

My alarm went off at 5am, my eyes were still shut as I moved my feet round to touch the floor and gradually adopted a sitting position. I tip-toed to my laptop and switched it on. As the bright familiar light quickly woke me up I realised this was the start of my working day. The first time, since being in Bermuda, that I was going to adopt the UK timezone for a project.

As Zoom sprung in to action I noticed my appearance in the thumbnail image and quickly smoothed out my messy ginger hair. I had already warned them not to expect me to look polished that early in the morning. Thankfully I knew my client well and on such a day of high pressure, I knew that she would be thankful for the support and maybe the light relief from seeing me so dishevelled.

This makes it sound like I am complaining, quite the opposite. It was something I had promised to do for my clients before leaving the UK. I had previously worked within their offices on the last day of the bid process so they had me there for support as and when it was required. It was a way of working that I enjoyed, being part of a team, working within a high pressure environment and usually surviving on large amounts of sugar and caffeine.
Today, even though I was a million miles away in Bermuda, I still felt part of that winning bid team. I was still available to make changes as required, give my opinion when it was needed, contribute to the banter and offer moral support when things got stressful.
It just goes to show that, in this day and age, long distance relationships really can work.

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